FT ISLAND’s Choi Minhwan And Yulhee Announce That She’s Pregnant With Twins

Here’s how they reacted to the news!

FT ISLAND‘s Choi Minhwan and Yulhee, a former member of LABOUM, had previously announced that they were expecting their second child… but little did they know that they were expecting their second and third!


The couple visited a gynecologist to confirm their pregnancy, and the doctor not only confirmed that Yulhee was pregnant, but she also revealed that she’s carrying twins!


Yulhee and Minhwan were completely shocked by the news as they couldn’t hold back their happiness! The couple had previously confessed that they dreamed of having a large family with many kids.


Minhwan shared his thoughts on the news as he called his two new children a “big blessing“. He couldn’t believe that it was actually happening!

I was so shocked that I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. I wondered if she was talking to me.

My heart was racing and beating so loudly. I couldn’t hear anything. I wondered how this big blessing could have come to me.

— Choi Minhwan


Yulhee confessed that she cried out of sheer joy for the news. Although her babies are still far from being born, she knew they were “lovely” children!

Right when she told me there was another baby, I looked at [the sonogram] and shed a tear. I couldn’t believe that we were having twins.

Even by looking at the sonograms, our babies looked so lovely.

— Yulhee


Congratulations to the beautiful couple and their new beautiful babies!

Source: TV Report