[★BREAKING] Lee Hong Ki confirms breakup with Han Bo Reum while drunk

On February 8th, 2017 Lee Hong Ki revealed to fans that he had recently broken up with his girlfriend Han Bo Reum while drinking.

During a live stream with his fans on Instagram live, Lee Hong Ki was seen drinking with his friends while chatting in English and Korean with his friends. After a few drinks, he made a shocking announcement to fans about the relationship status between him and actress Han Bo Reum.

During the live stream he revealed to his fans in English:

“Finally I can say to you guys I don’t have a girlfriend. You know, it’s true.I’m alone. I’m alone. So I’m so fxxking sad….I’m not drunk. Broke Up. This is true…I’m alone”

– Lee Hong Ki of FT ISLAND

FNC Entertainment confirmed the break up saying:

“After checking with Lee Hong Ki it is true that the two have broken up recently. They have grown apart while focusing on their own busy schedules”

– FNC Entertainment

Key East Entertainment also confirmed the news:

“The two of them grew apart due to busy schedule and recently broke up”

– Key East Entertainment

Source: My Daily, Herald Pop