FTISLAND’s Choi Jonghoon Posts Public Apology to Victims, Fellow Members, and Fans

FTISLAND’s Choi Jonghoon made a public apology.

Following FNC Entertainment‘s apology for FTISLAND Choi Jonghoon‘s scandal and the announcement of his retirement from the K-Pop industry, Choi Jonghoon shared a public apology to the victims, his fellow members, and fans on his official Instagram account.

Read Choi Jonghoon’s full apology below:

“Hello. This is Choi Jonghoon.

I am writing to apologize to you all for causing you discomfort and rage.

When I got another good look at what I was a part of in the past, I felt sad and embarrassed.

The fact that I made such careless remarks and didn’t even remember what I did makes me realize how morally wrong I’ve been. And after reading comments of rebuke and rage, I’m also realizing the sense of entitlement I had which I regret very much. I am very sorry for how immorally I’ve lived until now, and I promise to reflect upon my actions for as long as I live.

First, I’d like to bow my head and apologize to those who were harmed because of me. I’d also like to apologize to everyone else who might have been negatively affected by this.

I’m sorry and ashamed that I behaved so disgracefully as the leader of FTISLAND, and I apologize to all our fans for disappointing you despite your amazing support. As of today, I will leave FTISLAND and retire from the entertainment industry. I will reflect upon my shameful actions of making careless remarks without any sense of guilt for as long as I live. I promise to complete my investigations truthfully and accept any punishment that is given to me. I apologize once again.”

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