FTISLAND divulges their deep dark secrets on “The Show”

On March 31st, The Show released its latest episode on Tudou with popular band FTISLAND answering various questions posed by their fans. Known for their extreme honesty, the members were quick to answer their fans’ requests.

In light of April Fools’ Day, The Show created a segment titled “FTISLAND’s April Fools’ Day Talk Show,” in which the members spilled out nonsense. At one point, the host asked FTISLAND to tell a lie, which led to the members telling the biggest deep dark secrets one can ever imagine.

Answering first, Seunghyun dropped a bombshell, saying, “I’m actually married with a kid.” Not to be outdone, Jaejin revealed, “My real identity is Samsung chairman Lee Kun Hee’s grandson,” making his fellow members burst out in laughter.

Then, Jonghoon decided to come out of the closet and boldly stated, “I like men,” to which Hongki replied, “Yeah, I actually dated Jonghoon,” prompting the members to laugh uncontrollably and almost knock over the backdrop.

Saving the best for last, Minhwan revealed, “I’m actually 180cm tall.” Upon hearing this, fans sarcastically commented, “Why did you tell the truth on April Fools’ Day?

Watch FTISLAND’s hilarious interview below!