FTISLAND targets comeback and album release for March

FTISLAND is aiming to make their return with a full album this March, as revealed by an FNC representative on an official news bulletin on March 2nd.

Representative Han Sung Ho of FNC Entertainment posted, “To all the fans who have awaited for news on FTISLAND’s domestic comeback, they are preparing and aiming to release their 5th studio album in March. For their long-awaited comeback in Korea, please expect vigorous activities. FTISLAND’s album will be released soon, we ask for your interest and support.”

The male idol band last released their mini-album THE MOOD in November 2013, making this upcoming 5th album the first release from FTISLAND in a year and four months should they release it this March as scheduled.

During their hiatus from Korean activities, they have been busy promoting overseas by releasing their best of album in Japan, All About, in October 2014, as well as engaging their first tour 2015 FTISLAND [FTHX] in Europe and North and South America.

Source: X Sports News