A Full List Of The Winners From The 2023 “The Fact Music Awards”

One artist seemingly couldn’t leave the stage with the number of awards he won.

The 2023 The Fact Music Awards (TMAs) took place on October 10 at the Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon. Like last year, it was hosted by Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun and Jun Hyun Moo, and the event was a star-studded one full of idols from different groups and companies.

Here is a look at all the winners from this year’s event.

Next Leader

ZEROBASEONE – After making their debut earlier in the year after securing their spot in the group through Boys Planet, the group is unsurprisingly set to rise to even higher heights in the future.

RIIZE – SM Entertainment’s newest group RIIZE has become a sensation with their hit track “Get A Guitar,” along with their their visuals and charm.

Hottest Award

BOYNEXTDOOR – BOYNEXTDOOR truly shocked fans after their debut and quickly became one of the hottest rookie groups. The members have showcased not only their talent and visuals but made netizens fall in love with their charm.

Xikers – Going global even as rookies, Xikers have proved their influence and popularity with fans with their unique sound and image.

Artist Of The Year (Bonsang)

NewJeans – After the impact the group has had since debuting, both in Korea and worldwide, it’s not surprising that NewJeans received such a huge award. As they continue to perform and grow, their popularity will surely rise to even bigger heights.

NMIXX – After debuting, NMIXX has proven their global popularity with shows worldwide but also proving their impact in Korea. With their unique sound, unexpected concepts, and powerful performances, all of the NMIXX members shine in their own way.

Aespa – Whether it’s performing in Korea or during their global tour, aespa has continued to cement their status as one of the top 4th generation groups with their vocals, visuals, and charm.

TREASURE – Whether it’s performing in front of global fans or at events, TREASURE never fails to showcase why so many fans love them. Their amazing performances make the group’s fanbase even more dedicated.

IVE – As one of the rising groups in K-Pop, IVE has already cemented their dominance in the industry both as a group but also individually.

ITZY – When ITZY debuted, they immediately made their impact known and even with more groups debuting, they continue to be one of the best performers and are loved by fans worldwide.

ATEEZ – Despite coming from a small company, ATEEZ has quickly become one of the biggest groups globally and continues to wow fans worldwide with their talent, on-stage presence, and their unreal charm.

Lim Young Woong – The trot singer definitely had a busy night picking up the bongsang as his fourth award.

Stray Kids – Since debuting, Stray Kids’ popularity has not only grown within Korea but worldwide as they travel and perform at some huge venues and events.

SEVENTEEN – As the only third-generation idols in attendance, SEVENTEEN made their presence known and cemented why they’ve had one of the most successful years of any idols in 2023, with releases, tours, and huge performances.

FAN N STAR Choice Award

BTS (Most Votes – Group) – Although three of the members have enlisted, the continuous projects from BTS and their interactions with fans have meant that the number of ARMYs has continued to grow worldwide. The group might not have been there but the show made sure to honor the members with a heartwarming compilation.

Lim Young Woong (Most Votes – Soloist) – Despite performing trot, Lim Young Woong has showcased his unreal popularity and has become a threat to even the biggest K-Pop groups, so the award and reaction from the crowds was not surprising.

BTS (Group)

Lim Young Woong (Soloist)

Fan N Star Best Ads. Award

Lim Young Woong – The trot singer was definitely having a busy night as he picked up his third award and was greeted by an equally loud and passionate fanbase. It was his third time winning this award, and he’s the only artist to have won it since it was created.

Best Solo Performer Award

Kwon Eunbi – After her amazing performances this summer, Kwon Eunbi was always a hot topic amongst fans for her flawless stages and unreal talent.

Best Band Performer Award

Jannabi – Since debuting, Jannabi has always shined with their performance on stage and captured the hearts of fans they are performing in front of.

World Best Performer

IVE – Since debuting, IVE’s popularity has continued to grow. They have had the opportunity to perform worldwide, and after starting their world tour, the members will continue to showcase their influence.

Idol Plus Popularity Award

BTS’s Jimin – After releasing his solo album, BTS’s Jimin showcased the influence of the group by winning the “popularity award” through the Idol Plus app.

Listener’s Choice

NewJeans – With so many fans from across the world, NewJeans cemented their popularity with this award.

Fourstar Award

Stray Kids – The group continued to showcase their dominance after recieving their second award.

Best Spring Music

Lee Chan Won – After his performance earlier in the show, Lee Chan Won cemented his honey vocals with his first award.

Best Summer Music

BTS – “Take Two” – Another award came for BTS and although the award was for summer, the group has the perfect music for all year round.

Best Fall Music

BTS’s – “Slow Dancing” – With the release of his first album Layover, V won the award for fall with his beautiful voice and concept.

Best Winter Music

Lim Young Woong – The idol changed outfit to a cozy jumper, and was out once again to celebrate the win for his music being perfect for winter.

Worldwide Icon

Aespa – With their global tour, aespa have performed in front of thousands of fans.

Daesang (Main Award)

SEVENTEEN – After such an amazing year, and with even more to come, it’s not surprising that SEVENTEEN won the huge award of the night. With fans worldwide, the only third-generation group attending proved that they are truly star performers.

Source: THE FACT