Full video of Cosmic Girls’ Cheng Xiao’s performance that won her 1st place in ISAC

We have recently reported about rookie girl group, Cosmic GirlsCheng Xiao‘s overwhelming win in Idol Star Athletics Championships with her breathtaking performance on rhythmic gymnastics.Competing against Lovelyz‘s YeinTWICE‘s Mina, KARA‘s YoungjiAOA‘s ChanmiFIESTAR‘s Cao Lu, and Brave Girls‘ Eunji, Cheng Xiao showed off her expertise in rhythmic dancing, which she has been practising since her childhood.

Just like her senior in the industry, f(x)‘s Victoria, Cheng Xiao has demonstrated her flexibility through various broadcasts before but fans were surprised to see that she is very good in dancing as well.

Check out the full video below that earned her this very much worthy first place.

Source: BADA