Fuse and Billboard praise Girls’ Generation’s summer track “Party”

It seems Girls’ Generation’s comeback has been garnering international recognition and caught the eyes of two major American music publications.Writer Jeff Benjamin names Girls’ Generation’s “Party” as “one of the year’s best girl anthems” with it’s catchy, upbeat tune and praises its “mix lively guitars, perky synths, a catchy whistle hook and a few Auto-Tune croons—a.k.a. all the elements of modern-day summer smash—and top it off with an absolutely saccharine chorus.

Meanwhile, Billboard states that “Girls’ Generation brightens summer with a new ‘Party’ single” highlighting the beautiful “Thailand beaches and private club” in the music video. Benjamin also compliments their fun G.N.O. look in this Billboard article and looks forward to their next two singles.

This isn’t the first time Girls’ Generation has appeared on Billboard. Last year, they made the list of “20 Best K-Pop Songs of 2014” with “Mr.Mr.”

Source: Fuse, Billboard