f(x)’s Krystal Is Taking Over The Internet With Fans Gone Wild For Her “Return To Idol-ing”

Krystal looked extremely happy to be back too!

SM Entertainment kicked off its “SMTOWN LIVE” concerts in Tokyo, Japan and while fans went wild for all of the agency’s artists who performed on stage, they’re now obsessing over f(x) all over again!


Krystal, who was spotted having the time of her life throughout the concert, is making f(x) fans ugly-cry at how much they missed her and the group!


When Krystal asked her Japanese fans to “please understand” if she messes up some dance steps, because she had been away from the stage for so long, it made all her fans scream “YES QUEEN!”


Now the hashtag “Krystal” and “WelcomeBackidolKrystal” are trending on Twitter, with more videos of f(x)’s live performances of the hit summer bops from the past are being shared, watched, and appreciated all over the globe!


Fans continue to grow emotional with each fan cam shared on social media. Seeing f(x) on stage “being K-Pop idols” again, though only three members were able to participate, is like a dream-come-true for the loyal fans who’ve patiently sat through the hiatus.


Celebrate with this fan cam of SMTOWN LIVE 2019 in Japan, Day 1: