f(x)’s Luna Criticized For Asking Fans To Purchase Sponsored Makeup From Her Instagram Page

Fans are disappointed.

f(x)‘s Luna opened up her own showroom-studio called the Luna Room 6, and she announced that she’ll have samples of a foundation cushion available for people to try before signing up to buy the product in bulk with her.


She began advertising products from a brand called FASCINAR. She’s taking orders through Instagram DM and will be making a mass order.


However, netizens and a group of fans began criticizing Luna for using her influence and social media presence to outright sell a product. They particularly didn’t like that she straightforwardly asked her followers to make an order.

Lulu’s 2nd mass ordering!! #FASCINARCushion has a low price of 44,000 won (~$40 USD) +++ refills included too!! From the 17th at 10am to 12am on the 19th Luna Room 6 opens at 6~8pm (17.18.19)

— Luna

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• #파스시나쿠션 공구 2일차 입니다 ! 루루 믿고 주문해주신 모든 분들께 너무너무 감샤드려욤~~>< 이제 목표수량이 얼마 남지 않았어요 !😭 정말 감동적입니다 루루 눈물나 ㅜㅜ 다시 한번 감사드리구여 지금부터 다시 공구에 집중하실게영 파스시나쿠션은 민감성피부나 붉은 피부가 고민이신분들도 사용하시기 정말 좋아요 파운데이션이 두껍게 발리지 않고 소량씩 잘 발라주면 ⭐️물광피부 꿀피부 되요 >< 촉촉한 피부 아침에 화장하고 나가서 저녁까지 수정 없이 촉촉한 !! #파스시나쿠션 한번 써보시고 후기 남겨주시면 루루가 특별 선물 드려요 ~~>> 😊 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 후기 남겨주시고 @lunaroom6 @hermosavidaluna 계정 태그해주시는 분들중 추첨을 통해 6명에게 루루가 가장 좋아하는 컬러로 바비브라운 립스틱 선물해 드릴게용 💜❤️♥️ 문의는 DM주세용 결제창 링크는 프로필 하단에 있습니다 😊 @lunaroom6

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Today’s the 2nd day for mass ordering of #FASCINARCushion!

Thank you so much to everyone who trusted me and put in an order~~ ><

We’ve almost met our order amount goal! I’m so touched Lulu is crying

Thank you once again and I will focus on mass orders again. FASCINAR Cushions are good for people with sensitive skin and red spots. The foundation doesn’t apply too heavily and if you apply little by little your skin with glow with hydration >< Put it on in the morning and your skin will stay hydrated without having to fix it again!!

If you use #FASCINARCushion and leave a review, Lulu will give you a special gift~~>>

— Luna


Many claimed she was ruining her image by selling products from an unknown brand. The makeup brand FASCINAR doesn’t come up on search engines.

“Your fans must be sad.. It’s good to be free and do what you love after leaving SM but you should be working hard on legitimate work. You should’ve just opened up an official shopping mall instead. The product isn’t even properly verified and the case is clearly a knockoff of a luxury brand, but you’re asking people to help you sell it. Are you for real;”

“It’s clearly a knock off. When fans told you to do what you want, this wasn’t it.”

“I can’t believe my 10 years as a fan crumbles like this”

“What do you mean, ‘Aing buy it,please’? Do you think aegyo will get you everything you want?”

“How did you get this low? Why did you go this far?”

“I supported your new career choice and you made me into an idiot”

“My rolemodel became a knockoff reseller. I was glad to see her being more free than before but this makes me sad and upset”

— K-Netizens


But this isn’t the first time Luna’s promoted a mass order through Luna Room 6. She previously took orders for a toner line just a few weeks ago, but she wasn’t criticized for it back then.


Luna has yet to respond about the backlash.

Source: My Daily