f(x) Luna’s New Swimsuit Photos Show Drastic Weightloss, Netizens Concerned For Her Health

Netizens are worried about her health.

f(x)‘s Luna uploaded a bunch of photos from her recent trip to the beach as she laid out in the sun in her peachy swimsuit.


However, one particular photo caught the netizens eyes. She was laying out on the beach as she posed sideways for the camera. The photo was captioned, “Next time I’ll have to wear read..💋It’s too nude. Onwards with confidence.


The photos showed off her bodyline which netizens claimed looks “too skinny”.


Luna has always been thin but previously boasted a rounder figure.


She began working out diligently in the recent years, sculpting her baby fat into lean muscles.


However, netizens believe she took her diet too far. They expressed their concerns about her health, asking her to “please look after your health.


Luna did not respond back to the netizens comments but uploaded more photos of her fun day at the beach.