f(x) To Possibly Reunite On Stage For First Time In 3 Years

Fans are excited for an OT4 performance!

It has been reported that all 4 members of f(x) could be reuniting on stage for the first time in 3 years.

SM Entertainment recently revealed the star-studded lineup for their SMTOWN IN TOKYO concert scheduled to be held in August, which includes f(x)!


f(x) was also included in the teaser video.


Because f(x) was listed as a group name rather than each individual members’ names, fans are anticipating the reunification of all 4 members and are eagerly awaiting this day.


On the other hand, some fans have been more doubtful as to whether all 4 members will, in fact, show up at the concert together.


Meanwhile, Krystal and Amber recently made a surprise appearance at Luna‘s first solo concert, so hopes are high that Victoria will be joining them in this upcoming concert!


Stay tuned for more updates!

Source: Dispatch