f(x)’s Victoria Shuts Down Negative Commenters On Weibo

“Please don’t point your fingers at other people’s lives…” – Victoria

f(x)‘s Victoria has a message for netizens: “Please don’t point your fingers at other people’s lives.”


On Weibo, Victoria received criticism for not posting about the tragic passing of her friend and former f(x) member, Sulli. On October 17, the day of Sulli’s private funeral, Victoria responded to this criticism and more in a Weibo post.


In this post, she talks about the purpose of social media, the spread of false rumors, and netizens’ finger-pointing. She calls out hurtful behavior by advising netizens to not “cross the line” and re-examine their own lives.

Since when did posting on Weibo, Wechat Moments, Instagram become a ruler? Can measure morality, can measure interpersonal relationships, can measure your emotions, can measure everything that you want to measure. Public platforms are places to share things with everyone, when did they become places to do publicity stunts?

Post if you want to post, don’t post if you don’t want to post. There’s no such thing as empathy, only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. If you want to watch a publicity stunt, to vent, to make rumours, then go ahead. I’m not that amazing, but as opposed to faking it, I’d rather live a bit more realistically.

Please take back the statements that you cannot take responsibility for, like “it’s scary if you think about it”, “I heard from so and so”, “it’s very possible”, “I think”. If you have time to make up those stories, why don’t you do something that’s meaningful. Don’t let these things become everything that you are. You cannot find a sense of presence in a fake world.

People only live once, don’t let your time go to waste. Please don’t point your fingers at other people’s lives, friendly advice and suggestions have their limits too, don’t cross the line. When your own life is a mess, what right do you have to direct others what to do and what not to do?

Everyone’s life is unique, who actually has better qualifications than others to teach others how to live? Manage yourself well, live in the moment, have a clear conscience, and that’s good enough. Some words are better kept in your heart and left unsaid.

— Victoria

Source: Weibo