Netizens Stirred Up By f(x) Victoria Song’s Latest Update

She was seen pecking her co-star, Wang Xiao Chen.

Recently, a post by Chinese actress Sunny Wang Xiao Chen created a buzz as it featured f(x)‘s Victoria Song, a singer-turned-actress. Victoria had spent Xiao Chen’s birthday with her. As seen in the photo updates, they even cut the cake together.

What shocked Korean netizens was the following photo, where the two was seen pecking each other on the lips.

Wang Xiao Chen accompanied the post with the caption, “The woman who is the most perfect in my eyes, as she is kind, outstanding, cute, hardworking and beautiful… Thank you for your care and for spending the entire day with me.

Although many Korean netizens expressed their shock, it is actually normal for co-stars to show affection for each other. The two are currently starring in Chinese flick, Dear Life, together. It was further pointed out that co-stars of the same gender often try to show off their affection to amp up publicity and to cater to fans.

  • “Top stars in China often do this to cater to fans.”
  • “I mean I couldn’t kiss my friend no matter how close…”
  • “I’ve been in girls’ schools all my life and I’ve never seen this.”
  • “I can understand a peck on the cheek but…”
  • “The ugly cake is a bigger shock.”

Neither Wang Xiao Chen nor Victoria has spoken up on the matter.

Source: theqoo
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