f(x)’s Krystal, Amber & Luna Reunited For The First Time In 4 Years At SMTOWN LIVE In Tokyo & MeU Are In All Of The Feels

The timing of this performance couldn’t be more special.

When it was announced that f(x) would be performing at SMTOWN LIVE 2019 In Tokyo, their fans – MeU – were ecstatic! f(x) has not promoted together since their chart-topping 2015 album 4 Walls, and have rarely (if ever) been seen together in the 4 years since. Japanese MeU in attendance at the concert have gifted fans all over the world with the first glimpses at how the performance went.

f(x) reunited on stage as 3 members: Amber, Luna and Krystal held down the stage in the absence of Victoria in a unit fans online are dubbing “f(3)”. Even after their almost 4 year hiatus, f(x) brought all of the charisma and stage presence that made MeU fall in love with them since their 2009 debut.

f(X) trended on many search engines after their appearance at the concert. The whole world was clearly just as excited as MeU to see these girls reunite for the first time since 2016. The timing of this performance is also very special as in September the girls will be celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their debut.

Krystal’s appearance especially was a hot topic on the lips and minds of MeU as in recent years Krystal has shifted her focus from music to acting. She hasn’t released any music since 2017’s collaboration single with June One Kim, “I Don’t Wanna Love You”.

As time goes on, more HD fancams as well as official footage from SM Entertainment is sure to be released, so MeU just have to be patient and wait for more f(x) content coming up soon!