f(x)’s Krystal Gives Amber Liu’s Upcoming Solo Album Her Personal Seal Of Approval Which Isn’t An Easy Thing To Earn

Amber Liu’s solo is officially Krystal-approved.

Amber Liu has announced the release of her first upcoming solo album with her U.S-based company Steel Wool Entertainment.

Her next solo album titled “X” is set to be released this year, although the date has not yet been confirmed.

This will be Amber’s first music project following her departure from SM Entertainment.

Earlier this month, Amber announced she would not renew her contract after ten years with the entertainment company.

Despite her decision, she has still maintained close friendships with her fellow members in f(x) including Krystal!

In the days following Amber’s announcement, Krystal even bought Amber a goodbye present that was meaningful!

And Krystal keeps on showcasing her friendship with Amber.

Recently, Amber gave her followers a sneak peek to her solo album by posting six of the song titles on her Instagram.

Underneath the post, Krystal made an Instagram comment. And it was pretty obvious which of these songs is her favorite.

It looks like Krystal has a special affinity for “Curiosity” on Amber’s album.

Given her close they’ve been for years, it wouldn’t come to a surprise to fans if Krystal were in touch with Amber during the album process.

Krystal definitely can have her opinionated moments! Especially when it comes to music.

Once, when she was asked what f(x) song she would want to wake up to, she replied none of them, because they were all too noisy!

Still, fans know that Krystal has impeccable taste in just about everything and that includes music! She has consistently declared her love for f(x) classics like “Shadow” and “4 Walls”.

So fans can trust Krystal’s judgment.

Now that Krystal has given “X” her seal of approval, that means everyone should be obligated to give Amber’s album a listen!