f(x)’s Luna Publicly Expresses Her Joy With Her Decision to Leave SM Entertainment On Live Broadcast

She has no regrets about her decision!

After ten years with SM Entertainment, as a member of f(x) and a solo artist, it was announced that Luna had chosen not to renew her contract.

Luna and Amber have both decided not to renew their contract with SM Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Krystal still has time left in her contract before she commits to a decision regarding renewal.

SM Entertainment has yet to confirm whether Victoria has renewed her contract, although she announced on Weibo that she had chosen to leave.

Some fans had suspected that Luna had made her decision, months before the end of her contract.

In January 2019, Luna complained, while guesting on Radio Star, that SM Entertainment takes a lot of the profits that she made from her YouTube channel.

She revealed then that she is planning on fully owning her YouTube account from August onwards. Some suspected that she was hinting here that she will be leaving SM Entertainment once her contract had been completed.

In the same appearance, Luna spoke of how there is a discrepancy between the way her company treated her as a solo artist compared to when she was promoting with f(x).

And it also seems that [SM Entertainment] won’t spend as much for my solo promotions compared to the group.

Hence, Luna’s decision to leave her company has been met with positive reception from fans.

And Luna isn’t hiding her happiness at choosing to leave!

On a live broadcast with her friend, Luna read out a comment in English that a fan had written.

Congratulations [for] getting out of SM

In reaction, Luna burst out laughing and even expressed her thanks!

Thank you so much!

Luna stated that she felt refreshed after leaving SM Entertainment, comparing it to leaving work at the end of the day.

She emphasized that she felt “happy” and “free” after making her decision.

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The end of her contract has given Luna more freedom and creativity to pursue her interests.

Luna’s fans will support her every decision, as long as she is happy.

And it looks like she has no regrets about leaving her company!