[★VIDEO] f(x)’s Victoria helps out Korean tourist in China

Netizens are all talking about f(x)’s Victoria after an account detailed her kind gesture helping out a tourist in China. 

On November 24th, a video of Victoria in an airport in China resurfaced, eventually gathering attention for her initiative to help out Korean tourists struggling to communicate with airline staff. As the video clip was uploaded on Youtube, the kind gesture immediately spread out, causing for netizens to praise the singer for her efforts.

In the short clip, she was seen wearing a black coat with sunglasses, waiting for her turn at the counter. Despite being surrounded by fans, she was captured acting as an interpreter for the tourists as she relayed the information from the staff to them, and vice versa.After the issue was resolved, Victoria was seen smiling as the tourists thanked her for the gesture.

The video reportedly happened last month, however, as fans reuploaded the original clip, news of her gesture has gone viral since then.

Source: XSportsNews