f(x)’s Victoria responds to Netizens’ accusation of having princess syndrome

Recently, f(x)’s Victoria has been suffering from strong criticisms against her for her performance in Chinese show Noonas Over Flowers. In particular, netizens accused her of being unreasonable and having princess syndrome.

On March 29th, Victoria attended a media session for her upcoming Chinese drama Beautiful Secret. When asked about the accusations in regards to her performance, Victoria first thanked the netizens for calling her a princess, and then stated, “It’s not that bad. Perhaps there is an issue with the filming and editing of the show, and that’s why the viewers got the wrong impression. I’m just a regular human being, so of course there are times when I’m a bit unreasonable, so I can’t say that I’m completely free of the princess syndrome.

Victoria also added, “I’m a girl, so it’s okay! I will just continue doing what I need to do.” To this, fellow cast member Peter Ho stated, “Are the netizens talking about the same Victoria Song that I know? The Victoria that I know doesn’t have princess syndrome at all. I have to clear this up for her, as she has always endured hardships without complaints. I think I’m the one with princess syndrome – please write about me having princess syndrome instead.

Meanwhile, Victoria also revealed that f(x) is preparing for a group comeback soon!

Source: Sina