(G)I-DLE’S Miyeon Adorably Panics After Kim Woo Seok First Win—Here’s Why

Her reaction was perfect!

(G) I-DLE‘S Miyeon and actor Nam Yoon Su are the new MCs of the music program M Countdown and the two are absolutely crushing it already! With a great start came an adorable incident! After the two announced artists Kim Woo Seok‘s first win, a funny moment happened between Miyeon and Kim Woo Seok and fans are loving it!

Kim Woo Seok was up against K-Pop artists HyunA and the anticipation was intense! Miyeon and Nam Yoon Su proceeded as normal and announced the winner.

Once the two MCs revealed Kim Woo Seok as the winner, Miyeon handed him her microphone so he could give his winning speech.

Following Kim Woo Seok’s touching speech, Miyeon attempted to get her microphone back, but instead, Wooseok handed her his trophy. After he realized his mistake, Wooseok adorably held his trophy tight and never handed Miyeon her microphone back.

Miyeon’s reaction was too precious!

In a cute panic, Miyeon endlessly tried to get back her microphone! The moment was so cute that the staff even giggled from behind the camera.

Kim Woo Seok finally realized he needed to give back her microphone, but once again, almost returned his trophy. This time, however, Kim Woo Seok figured out his mistake and finally handed Miyeon her microphone! They are both too loveable!

Though it was a charming mistake, Miyeon amazingly handled the situation, and the two MCs were praised for their overall start as MCs! Also, congratulations to Kim Woo Seok on his first win with his song “Sugar.”

Check out the clip below: