G-Dragon cites pretty clothes, women and music as his inspiration for “PEACEMINUSONE”

Igbang’s G-Dragon confesses that he likes pretty things, be it clothes, women or music as he held a press conference for his art exhibit, PEACEMINUSONE

On June 8th, just a day ahead the official run of PEACEMINUSONE, G-Dragon met with the press where he talked about the expectations raised towards the exhibition and his personal views on art. He addressed the questions as to what material will be displayed for the collaboration between the Seoul of Museum of Art and stated that as he is a musician and singer, he learned a lot when working various artists in different genres and perspectives of art.

To this, he explained that the exhibition was created to promote diverse artists that displays a varied perspective towards linking contemporary art and pop culture. By introducing a number of photographers, he wanted to engage the public to an easy approach towards modern art and was further quoted saying, “Clothes, women, music, I like it when I see something pretty or when I see something cool. This is where the exhibit began, the fun work I had with the photographers.”

PEACEMINUSONE: Beyond The Stage will start its run on June 9th until August 23rd at the Seoul Museum of Art.

[G-DRAGON – ‘PEACEMINUSONE’ TRAILER]날짜 (Date) : June 9th ~ August 23rd, 2015장소 (Place) : 서울시립미술관 서소문 본관 2, 3층 (Seoul Museum of Art)Tickets on sale @NAVER : http://m.booking.naver.com/#/5/booking/svc/2011Interpark : http://ticket.interpark.com/Ticket/Goods/GoodsInfo.asp?GoodsCode=15005869Find out more @Naver modoo! : http://peaceminusone.modoo.at/Facebook : http://facebook.com/GD.PEACEMINUSONEInstagram : https://instagram.com/GD.PEACEMINUSONE#GDRAGON #GD #PEACEMINUSONE #PEACEMINUSONE_SEOUL #GDXCONTEMPORARYARTISTS #GDEXHIBITION

Posted by G-DRAGON on Sunday, 7 June 2015

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