G-Dragon Couldn’t Stop Blushing After Watching This Clip of Himself

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon may be stylish and confident as a performer on stage, but even he can get embarrassed when talking about his past. 

The members of BIGBANG were guests on the December 17th episode of popular MBC variety show Infinite Challenge. As the program progress, cast member Yoo Jae Suk brought up the topic of G-Dragon’s acting skills, causing a flustered reaction. G-Dragon accidentally made his acting debut when he accepted a challenge from the program early this year.

He revealed that he personally hated to see himself onscreen but found himself acting when he accidentally made his debut by accepting a challenge from the program earlier in the year. He revealed that he personally hated to see himself onscreen, but somehow found himself acting on Infinite Challenge.

The group watched clips of G-Dragon’s acting skills during that challenge. Too embarrassed to watch, G-Dragon tried to hide his blushing face from the other members and the camera as they enjoyed watching the clips.

To make matters worse, a bonus clip of him acting back in 1994 was also included in the episode!

BIGBANG recently made their comeback with their full album MADE, and will be hosting one final concert in early January before member T.O.P enlists in the military for his compulsory duty.