G-Dragon denies the lyrics of “Bae Bae” refer to Kiko Mizuhara

G-Dragon talks about the reference behind the “25 year old girl” lyrics for “Bae Bae” after it was speculated to be linked to his girlfriend, Kiko Mizuhara

On May 4th, BIGBANG held a press conference at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul, South Korea as they promote their latest releases, “Loser” and “Bae Bae.”

In an interview with Star News, a reporter asked the group about a specific part of their lyrics “You’re forever 25 to me never changing Babe 5×5 Babe,” and asked “In ‘Bae Bae,’ a ’25 year old woman’ appears, did you guys have a specific person in mind?”

T.O.P took the question and explained, “Not really. We talked amongst each other about lyrics and wanted the lyrics to carry the selfish desire of a man for his lover not to age. We tried to come up with a fun way to elaborate this and decided that people generally think of 25 as the most beautiful age for women so went with 25.”

However, the reporter further expanded the question and linked it to the speculation that the group was referring to Kiko Mizuhara, model and alleged girlfriend of member G-Dragon. The question “Kiko Mizuhara is born in 1990 and 25. Does that have anything to do with it?” was asked.

Challenging the question, G-Dragon answered it with a reply saying, “Is Kiko 25? ‘Bae Bae’ was centered around the age 25 since we started working on it. It might come a bit offensive but we decided that 25 is the prettiest age. It doesn’t necessarily mean specifically the age 25 though. The theme is about love the lyrics may literally say 25 but it’s just a fun way to elaborate the idea of love.” 

Since being spotted on a public date in Itaewon, South Korea last year, G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara have remained silent and private about their relationship. Just recently, the two were spotted attending the same launch party as the model was further seen heading home in G-Dragon’s car.

Meanwhile, netizens have pitched their thoughts on the incident and left comments saying,

[+9172, – 34] Okay so the answer is no but she IS your girlfriend?

[+ 9133, – 448] Today Bigbang will be singing “Lie”

[+ 7780, – 647] Come on it is Kiko ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Source: StarNews