G-Dragon got drunk while recording BIGBANG’s latest album

G-Dragon shared a secret backstory done by the BIGBANG members during their recording sessions. 

As BIGBANG made their first appearance on hit variety show Happy Together on May 21st, G-Dragon revealed that they recorded their latest album under the influence of alcohol. He went on to explain that, “It was really fun. During those days, overwhelming feelings of having fun had remained intact and filled.”

This led to a follow-up question to be asked as to who amongst the members are the best in drinking. The members immediately pointed to T.O.P who remarked with a comment saying, “I used to be the best drinker though currently it’s Taeyang.”

Meanwhile, BIGBANG continues to dominate music shows with their title tracks “Bae Bae” and “Loser,” as they wrap up promotions prior to their June release.

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Source: TVReport