Agencies issue statement about G-Dragon and Hara’s relationship in response to rumors

Goo Hara has been at the center of rumors and speculation after photos of her with BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon began circulating online. 

On February 3, G-Dragon was spotted at an amusement part with fellow idols Hara, Sulli, and Gain, along with some additional friends. Many have been interested in their growing friendship, especially after they were seen in attendance at G-Dragon’s exclusive party in Paris, France.

As photos of their trip to the amusement park began to circulate, many fans wondered about the nature of Hara’s relationship to G-Dragon. Sulli is currently in a relationship with rapper Choiza, and Gain, with actor Joo Ji Hoon, so theories about Hara’s possible relationship with G-Dragon began to surface.

G-Dragon, Sulli, Hara and Gain with friends at Lotte World

In response to such speculations, Hara’s agency stated that everyone in the group went together as close friends. Fans also defended G-Dragon with an account that detailed that he spent time at the theme park by himself after the photos were taken.

G-Dragon is barely recognizable under that mask.

YG Entertainment, G-Dragon’s agency, has not commented on the speculations.

Source: StarNews