G-Dragon hints at upcoming collaboration with Pharrell Williams

On October 30, G-Dragon shared a few images on  instagram with Pharrell that teased an upcoming collaboration between the two iconic artists.

It’s been three long years since Pharrell first tweeted to G-Dragon and had us waiting in anticipation for a collaboration between these two iconic individuals of our generation.

It’s also no secret how big of a fan G-Dragon is of Pharrell both in terms of music and fashion as he confessed this in a Complex Magazine article, ““I wouldn’t say Pharrell’s a fashionista, but I’ve always liked him. As a kid, I’ve always looked up to his style. Even now, I just think he’s just so cool.”


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Pharrell is currently in Tokyo and has posted multiple pictures alongside producer and creative director Nigo. Both G-Dragon and Pharrell are well known for their creativity both in the music and fashion world, and seeing as how a lot of the people tagged in the posts are from the fashion industry this might be a creative collaboration. However, we will forever hold on to the hope that there may be a music collaboration in the works as well.


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We can only pray this collaboration comes to us soon!


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