[★TRENDING] G-Dragon’s impressive annual royalties revealed on SBS’s “Midnight TV Entertainment”

In a recent broadcast of SBS‘s Midnight TV Entertainment, G-Dragon‘s annual royalties for his self-produced, written, and composed tracks were revealed.

Aired on the afternoon of June 24th, the entertainment information program revealed that G-Dragon earns an estimated of more than 790 million won, or $710,786 U.S dollars, in royalties a year based off information taken in 2012. Given that since then, BIGBANG has released additional music, the current estimate is most likely even more.

The majority of BIGBANG’s music is a result of direct involvement from G-Dragon, who creates the group’s popular and quality music, as well as his own solo tracks. Included are the group’s most recent hit tracks “LOSER,” “Bae Bae Bae,” “BANG BANG BANG,” and “We Like 2 Party,” as well as many others.

[+3,877 / -82] 720 million alone  ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+3,142 / -132] He’s making bank off royalties from all the good songs he makes.

[+2,690 / -119] I wish he was my dongsaeng…

Source: OSEN