G-Dragon May Have Just Leaked More Evidence Of A Comeback

G-Dragon may have hinted the possibility of a comeback and a few of the hints appeared on his personal Instagram account. 

A few days ago, G-Dragon created some buzz after drastically changing his hairstyle, transforming it to bright green to dark black. To most of his fans, a sudden change in hairstyle may indicate a new project, but no confirmations were made.

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On January 18, he added more hype by posting a photo of himself in a shoot. It was posted with the caption, “We’re all by ourselves. That’s how we do and did a great job as always.” It was a photo taken from a monitor and made fans speculate if he was possibly filming his own music video.

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Although there is no direct evidence that the shoot was for G-Dragon’s own project, some speculated that he may join Masta Wu’s shoot instead. Coincidentally enough, Masta Wu has been posting photos from his music video shoot for the past few days. The two actively collaborated in the past which led to the speculations.

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G-Dragon started the speculations after admitting to his plans for a solo release during BIGBANG’s concert. If confirmed, it will be his first release since Coup D’etat back in 2013. At present, a confirmed statement has not been released.