[★TRENDING] G-Dragon reveals the one big difference between BIGBANG, EXO, and SHINee

On June 18th, G-Dragon was interviewed on JTBC News Room, where he was asked to comment on the difference between BIGBANG, EXO, and SHINee.

In response, G-Dragon said, “We make our own music. We also appeal to the public and they like us.

Upon hearing G-Dragon’s answer, the host asked whether he thinks EXO and SHINee fans will be angry. G-Dragon responded, “It’s the truth.

Recently, BIGBANG, EXO, and SHINee have been promoting at the same time – BIGBANG with “BANG BANG BANG,” EXO with “Love Me Right,” and SHINee with “View.” Each group has won multiple music show awards with their respective release.

Source: etoday