G-Dragon’s fashion brand under controversy of being sexist

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon is being criticised for the alleged misogynistic labels used on clothing line, PeaceMinusOne. 

Netizens are demanding clarification with regards to the post made by G-Dragon for his clothing line.

Recently, PeaceMinusOne posted a photo on their official Instagram page revealing the labelling on their branded products. The photo was originally posted on October 7th with the label saying, “Do not laundry. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Dry in shade. Blah blah. F*ck it. Just give it to your mother.” 

Netizens were initially outraged with the laundry instructions as it created a stereotypical view that only mothers should do the laundry. The netizens are demanding an explanation from the artist for his alleged gender stereotyping. Although the laundry label can be a bit debatable, some netizens have defended G-Dragon in the act and claimed that the label was not offensive towards women at all.

G-Dragon nor the brand has not released any statement about the issue. The original photo was removed on Instagram as well.

Meanwhile, it has been two months since G-Dragon and his stylist officially launched the clothing line, PeaceMinusOne. 

Originally taken from @peaceminusonedotcom / Herald

Source: Herald and Instiz