G-Dragon’s recent statement strengthens speculations on BIGBANG’s comeback

BIGBANG’s recent concert performance as part of Singapore’s Celebrate 50 Countdown Show on New Year’s Eve has strengthened speculations of their comeback. 

As BIGBANG met with their overseas fans in Singapore on December 31st, G-Dragon was quoted saying, “We have big plans for this year, a new album and concert tour. We will come back with good music and performances.” 

He further revealed that expectations are high for their return since it has been more than three years since their last album release Still Alive, further expressing the burden of breaking the promise of returning last year. It was explained that due to their very busy domestic and international activities, individually or as a group.

Closing his statement, G-Dragon made fans excited of the news by revealing that, “The album will be next year (2015) we are working hard. We want to provide fans with good music and that is causing the process to take longer. If you wait a bit more we will reward everyone for their patience. We feel that this album will be an important one for us as well so we are all trying extra hard.”

With YG Entertainment already announcing plans for iKON, WINNER and PSY, t is being speculated that BIGBANG will be included int he same line-up of rate first half of this year.

Source: OSEN