G-Friend Members Comment On Being Called Rivals Of TWICE

Many may consider them as rivals but G-Friend has nothing but good words towards girl group TWICE

On March 7th, G-Friend held an interview session to celebrate the release of their fourth mini-album, The Awakening. 

During the interview, the members were asked about the presumed rivalry against girl group, TWICE. Fans and the media alike kept comparing the two group after debuting almost the same time as each other back in 2015. Although the two groups were not able to directly promote against each other, G-Friend returns with their new track “Fingertip” right after the success of TWICE’s “Knock Knock.”

“They are good friends and colleagues that we are close with. Honestly, we don’t want to say rivals but it’s better that there is rivalry than not. I think we can both benefit from it. We cheer each other on a lot and even messaged each other saying that the music video looked awesome. They are a good source of energy so that we work harder.”

-G-Friend’s Sowon

They also talked about their similarities and differences with TWICE.

“We’re similar in age but our concept and colors are different. We sing different themed songs. For the public, we try to present a different ‘G-Friend’ color while being pretty at the same time.”

-G-Friend’s Umji

G-Friend released The Awakening last March 6th and kickstarted their promotional run for their title track, “Fingertip.”

Source: JoyNews24