G-Friend’s painful “Me Gustas Tu” live performance goes viral in the foreign press

The video that captured G-Friend’s tragically wet “Me Gustas Tu” live performance has gone viral with the international press reporting on the mishap. 

It has been a few days since G-Friend performed for an outdoor concert event for Hyundai and the video that highlighted their multiple falls on the wet stage conditions was posted. Since then, a number of foreign publications and news agency also provided follow-up coverage on the incident.

For example, TIME magazine featured the viral video to their official page on September 7th, not only sharing the fan taken video but also writing a piece on the group’s painful live performance. Other news agency such as Mashable and British media The Daily Mail also took interest and wrote similar pieces on the incident.

Aside from written reports about the incident, ABC’s Good Morning America also reported about the viral video and included it in one of their recent live broadcast.

Much interest has been taken on the original video clip that captured the painful falls made by the members as it has now reached more than three million views on YouTube.

Meanwhile, G-Friend gained praise for their professionalism as they were seen enthusiastically finishing their stage despite the slippery stage conditions.

Source: Dispatch