(G)-IDLE’s Soojin Praised By Netizens Following Preview Of “Queendom” Episode

They were all mesmerized by her.

(G)-IDLE‘s Soojin has fans swooning in a GIF that’s all over the internet!

On October 10, Queendom released the preview for their upcoming October 17 episode. In this particular episode, the performances will all be on songs recommended by fans, termed “Fan-dora’s Box”. The preview itself has fans hyped for the next episode, but this particular GIF of the ending has fans going absolutely crazy!

The GIF has Soojin ending her performance fiercely, rubbing her mouth and smudging her lipstick all over her mouth and chin.


A brightened image from the GIF.


Fans have been praising her facial expressions and her ability to pull off such a move so smoothly.


If you don’t do this properly, you could end up looking excessive but Soojin pulls it off so well


I watched this on site and her expressions were seriously insane. I couldn’t remember anything else than her after seeing Soojin’s expression at the end

She kinda looks like she’s crying but seeing her rub her mouth also makes it seems like she’s mad. Her dual expressions seriously gave me goosebumps. I like her so much. I can only think about this scene in the preview


Are you excited for the upcoming episode of Queendom?