[★TRENDING] g.o.d’s Joon Park confirmed to be dating flight attendant

As news about g.o.d’s Joon Park (Park Joon Hyung) dating a flight attendant 13 years his junior circulated online, his agency was quick to verify and address the truth behind it. 

On December 4th, TVReport published a statement from Joon Park’s agency saying, “From the results, it’s true that Park Joonhyung has been dating a flight attendant 13 years his junior for one year.” The agency further asked his fans to look after the couple as continue dating.

Prior to the confirmation, a close friend of the couple revealed that Joon Park is currently in a relationship to a woman described to be working as flight attendant. She was further described as someone who is considerable beautiful who gets along well with the singer’s friends.

Since the reports were released, Joon Park’s agency was quick to contact the singer to verify reports, eventually confirming it.

Fans have previously observed Joon Park vocally admitting his current relationship status through Roommate and other guestings, describing her as someone who fits his personality well.