Miss A Min’s Contract With JYP Entertainment Revealed To End Soon

As the end of their exclusive contracts with JYP Entertainment draws closer, there is increasing speculation that both miss A‘s Min and G.Soul will become free agents.

Following news of the couple’s separation, an exclusive report from OSEN says that both Min and G.Soul are nearing the end of their contract with JYP Entertainment. Min and G.Soul have been signed under JYP Entertainment for 14 and 17 years respectively.

Min’s contract with JYP is scheduled to end in April while G.Soul’s is scheduled to end on June 1. Neither of the two has announced whether they will be pursuing a new agency or resigning with JYP. There is belief within the industry that since they both have been under JYP for over 10 years, they will both stay with the company out of loyalty. However, they are also considering the possibility of transferring to a new company.

Even though Miss A has not been promoting as a group, Min has been keeping herself busy. Recently, Min appeared at the press conference for the musical adaptation of Boys over Flowers, where she will play Tsukushi Makino (Geum Jandi from the Korean Drama adaptation).

G.Soul is preparing for his military enlistment after he stated back in February he will participate in active duty.

Source: OSEN