Ga In gives notice for solo comeback with “hawwah”

Brown Eyed Girls Ga In‘s solo comeback has been confirmed following the artist’s announcement of her return through various SNS accounts.

On February 26th, her official Facebook account was updated with a pink jacket photo that illustrated a lowercase and serif “g” in white, while the title “hawwah” hugged the single letter across in green-blue.

According to her agency, APOP Entertainment, confirmed her solo comeback and said, “In mid-March, Ga In will be releasing a new album titled ‘hawwah.'” 

For her upcoming album, Ga In will be representing the modern-day Eve. The story of Eve stems from the book of Genesis which narrates the birth of Eve, the first woman who was born from Adam’s ribs and is a representation of life. She was forbidden by God from eating the forbidden fruit, but with the temptation from a snake, she broke the golden rule and committed mankind’s first sin.

There have been many clues regarding Ga In’s return to the music scene, including songwriter Kim Eana hinting at not only at Ga In’s comeback but Brown Eyed Girls imminent return, as well as Ga In posting mysterious “D-2” photos as well. On the 15th, producer Cho Young Chul also revealed on his SNS account that Ga In had completed recording two tracks for her new album.

Source: The Star Chosun