Ga In reveals that her juniors tremble at the sight of Hyuna and herself

During the May 7th broadcast of Happy Together 3, Ga In revealed that juniors were highly intimidated when she was with Hyuna during their promotional activities.

She shared an incident saying, “Once, Hyuna and I were waiting for an elevator with our two arms crossed. But when the elevator doors opened, the juniors [in the elevator] were taken by complete surprise. They bowed, shakily badeul badeul (literally shaking in their shoes),” which elicited much laughter among the guests and cast.

The episode also featured Ga In’s former We Got Married 2 spouse, Jokwon and they reminisced of their past experiences. This broadcast was the first time the two reunited on-air in four years since their departure from the virtual reality show in 2011.

Source: Newsen