Korean Englishman Josh’s Wife Gabie Kook Apologizes For Her Quarantine Controversy And More

“I still need more time to self-reflect, but I want to talk about these issues before it’s too late.”

YouTuber Gabie Kook, who received backlash for holding a birthday party during self-quarantine, just officially apologized.

The video titled “Hello, This Is Gabie” was posted on her YouTube channel on April 20. Her husband, Korean Englishman‘s Josh, apologized just a few days after the controversy in October of 2020. As for Gabie, it has been six months since she has returned to her channel and the public.

The controversial meeting last October. | Gabie Kook/YouTube

I have been silent about issues around me for so long and have disappointed many of you. For that, I’m sorry… More than anything, I was so disappointed and angry at myself that I needed time to reflect. I still need more time to self-reflect, but I want to talk about these issues before it’s too late.

—Gabie Kook

She explained that she was suspended from indictment in January and was sorry for inconveniencing everyone with her actions.

Gabie and Josh | @gabiekook/Instagram

She also explained her controversy over health insurance.

As many of you have correctly pointed out, I am not eligible to pay for national health insurance in Korea. I mistakenly thought until last October that I was paying the National Health Insurance when in fact it was National Pension. This was because the e-bills were sent from the Korean National Health Insurance Service [which also runs National Pension] and publicly claimed that I was paying health insurance. I am very ashamed of my ignorance and am truly sorry for the confusion I have caused.

—Gabie Kook

Essentially, Gabie wanted to receive healthcare for Korean citizens but didn’t pay her health insurance premium. This caused netizens to feel like she was taking advantage of Korea’s healthcare system when she was just confused.

| @gabiekook/Instagram

She also wanted to explain more about her nationality. She shared, “I was born in Argentina. Although I had to live in many different countries, my parents wanted to raise me as a Korean, and I have lived as one.”

Gabie continues by saying that when she grew up, the Korean Embassy said she would lose her Korean citizenship if she didn’t sign a foreign citizenship non-use agreement certificate. She shared that she signed the papers and has been living with only her South Korean nationality.

| Gabie Kook/YouTube

Gabie revealed that she had completed everything in Korea and has returned to England to focus on her health. She is still reflecting on her actions and hopes to repent by giving monthly donations to a charity that helps women and children in need.

Here is the full apology: