Gaeko And Code Kunst To Join “Show Me The Money 10” As Producers

Who’s excited for another season?

According to Mnet’s Show Me The Money 10 officials, “Gaeko and Code Kunst will join the show as the fourth producer team.”The show will have a total of four producer teams.

Gaeko previously worked as a producer for the show with Choiza for Season 6 and 9. This will be his first time being on the show as a producer by himself. Gaeko commented, “I’ve cleared all my schedules for the rest of this year. I will do my best for the show. “

Code Kunst previously worked as a producer for Season 7 and had the song that he wrote and produced rank first on the charts. Code Kunst commented, “I think the stages that I did with a smile produced better results. So this time too, I want to prepare the stage and music while having fun, not just because I have to.”

Season 10 is set to air sometime in the fall of this year.

Source: newsis