(★BREAKING) Gagman Kim Tae Ho Killed In Horrific Arson Attack

He was 51.

It has been belatedly revealed that gagman Kim Tae Ho was one of 3 people killed in the Gunsan Fire in Jeolla Province on June 17.


Police say Kim Tae Ho was in a club drinking with his friends when a man in his 50’s known as Mr. Lee argued with the owner over a ₩100,000 KRW ($89.90 USD) bill. He made threats to burn down the building, and then obtained gasoline and lit it on fire.

3 people including Kim Tae Ho were killed, with around 30 people injured.


The Korean Broadcast Comedians Association released a statement following the reveal of the tragic news.

“The late Kim Tae Ho was in Gunsan for a golf tournament with his friends and they went to a club, where the accident took place. Kim Tae Ho’s younger sibling confirmed to us this morning that he has passed away, and that his body is being transported from Gunsan.” — Korean Broadcast Comedians Association


Kim Tae Ho debuted as a gagman in 1991 and has appeared in shows such as All Comedy In The World and Good Morning Korea. More recently, he was given the lifetime achievement award at the 2013 Korean Culture Entertainment Awards and the MC excellence award in 2014 at the same event.

May he rest in peace.

Source: Star News