Gallant Can’t Hold Back His Amazement For BTS V’s #Singularity

One of V’s favorite singers showed him love on YouTube.

American singer Gallant just had to let the world know how blown away he was by V‘s “#Singularity”!


Gallant expressed his love in the “#Singularity” music video’s comment section.


Gallant kept his comment short but sweet, calling V’s solo release “amazing”.


At first, fans wondered if the comment really came from Gallant, but it has since been traced back to his official YouTube channel.


Gallant’s support message may not be of a surprise because he also follows BTS on Twitter.


Celebrity BTS fanboys are nothing new these days, but what makes Gallant’s love special is that it is mutual.


Gallant is one of V’s favorite artists!


He can be seen here, fanboying over Gallant at 2016 MAMA.


Just look at how V’s eyes shine!


All the BTS boys clapped at the end of Gallant’s incredible performance, but no one clapped as hard as V did!


V must have been over the moon when he met Gallant backstage!


He proudly recalled the meeting during a live broadcast with his fans.


V fans were overjoyed to discover Gallant’s comment on the “#Singularity” music video…


…but V must be the most excited one of all!


Let’s check out BTS’s “Singularity” teaser for the 1,000th time just to celebrate!