Gallant Performs Surprise Collaboration With Lee Hi At Jisan Valley Rock Festival 

It was a collaboration no one expected as Lee Hi appeared as a special guest during Gallant’s performance at Jisan Valley Rock Festival in Icheon, South Korea.

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Gallant was performing on one of the event’s main stages when he brought out Lee Hi for the track, “Skipping Stones”.

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“Skipping Stones” originally featured American singer Jhéne Aiko, and Lee Hi did a fantastic job of filling her shoes for the song.

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Gallant and Lee Hi first met at a bar in Itaewon, Seoul before they agreed on the surprise collaboration. 

“I saw a clip of Lee Hi performing one of my favorite songs by Jazmine Sullivan and I thought that her voice was incredibly soulful.” 

— Gallant

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The artist himself was not new to the Korean music industry and revealed himself to be open to working with other Korean artists.

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He previously worked with Tablo and Eric Nam for the hit track “Cave me in” released last January. 

Eric Nam X Tablo X Gallant’s “Cave Me In” Has A Hidden Secret No One Knew About

Source: Billboard

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