Gallant, Tablo and Eric Nam Reveal Details Behind Their Song “Cave Me In”

Gallant, Tablo, and Eric Nam on a recent interview gave fans an in-depth look into how the joint collaboration single “Cave Me In” came to be and why it too a long time to see the light of day.

The three explained that it was their ‘different’ styles in music that contributed to the long wait for the song’s release as the trio were quite busy with their own schedules and had to constantly communicate back and forth with one another to piece together the song.

Lophile produced the track while Gallant created the rough sketch of a melody, and Tablo partook in the arrangement of the song. Gallant shockingly revealed that the song ended up being worked on from four to five different locations around the world.

Tablo and Eric explained that despite their different musical styles, their unique perspectives on music made the collaboration much more exciting as it allowed the song to take on a formation from three different perspectives on the topic of love. Eric further revealed that the collaboration allowed him to think outside the general convention of how music is made, which was a good challenge for him.

When asked about where the subject of the song came from, Tablo stated that it was Gallant’s phrase “Cave Me In” in his melody sketch that inspired Tablo to write his verse in regards to love as to him,” It [love] caves you in, sometimes in a beautiful way and sometimes in a beautifully twisted way”.

Gallant also expressed his love for K-Pop:

“I’ve always been a K-Pop fan. To witness the birth of a self-guided, self-motivated singer-songwriter movement over the past few years in such a commercialized space was inspiring for me.”

– Gallant

Unfortunately for fans, the trio also confirmed that there would be no set promotions for the song as they believe the song will promote itself as fans will listen and love the song on its own.

The three also discussed a variety of other topics such as the next milestone in their careers, and which other artists they wish to collaborate with.

Source: Hype Beast