Why The Game of Go In “The Glory” Means Everything To A Korean Actress Who Wasn’t Even In The K-Drama

It’s more than just a game for her.

A behind-the-scenes fact about Netflix‘s popular K-Drama The Glory has been gaining a lot of attention because of its relation to a famous Korean actress.

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On March 15, actress Yoon Se Ah posted on her Instagram explaining a fun fact about the game of baduk, also called Go, which is played by protagonist Moon Dong Eun and her enemy’s husband Ha Do Young—and the game is a prominent motif of the show.

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Moon Dong Eun learns how to play Go to become close to Ha Do Young and eventually get revenge on his wife, Park Yeon Jin, who made Dong Eun’s life a living hell by bullying and abusing her in high school.

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In her post, the Sky Castle actress proudly revealed an old black-and-white photo of her mother and explained what role she played in The Glory.

Yoon Se Ah’s mother, Kim Sam Soon | @loveyoonsea/Instagram

The ending credits for The Glory listed Yoo Kyung Min, Jung Jae Woo, Ha Ho Jung, and Kim Sang Soon as the Go Advisors from the Korea Baduk Association. These four people are renowned Go players in Korea, and Kim Sang Soon is Yoon Se Ah’s mother.

Kim Sang Soon was one of the advisors who helped create these important Go scenes between Dong Eun and Do Young and between Dong Eun and Joo Yeo Joung, who taught her how to play the game. She is one of Korea’s best Go players, who won the first-ever female Go competition in 1974.

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Yoon Se Ah shared how proud she is of her mother.

My mother, who was the first female Go player and whose whole life is Go, was the Go advisor on the show. In Moon Dong Eun who played Go with much determination, I could see my mom in her youth, which I only saw in pictures.

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She also showed us her mother’s ring and shared an anecdote of what this ring represents.

I have cherished the ring that my mother wore on her hand at every important match. Today I gently take out and fiddle with this ring that was in pictures and I look back on my mother’s life.

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Yoon Se Ah explained that Kim Sang Soon still plays and teaches Go and is proud of her mother.

Even now, my mother teaches Go to kids and says she is happy… She always says she will play Go even if she was born again… I’m so proud of you. I respect you I love you. I’m going to brag as much as I want about you.

The proud daughter also expressed how excited she was to see the ending credits.

It’s the first time I’ve ever watched the ending credits endlessly. My mother’s name is engraved in my heart.

Yoon Se Ah’s picture of her mother’s name in the credits | @loveyoonsea/Instagram

In response to Yoon Se Ah’s post, many celebrity friends were impressed. Actress Shin Da Eun said, “Your mother is amazing,” and Ha Jae Sook said, “Thank you, Yoon Se Ah’s mother, for giving birth to such a beautiful and thoughtful daughter.” 

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