[ ★TRENDING] Gang member who scammed T-ARA finally arrested

A gang member who is known to have scammed T-ARA out of a promised concert was finally arrested, reports reveal on October 7th.

According to police, in July 2013, Mr. Jung (41) told T-ARA’s CEO (Core Contents Media) at the time that he would help them open a concert in Japan for 200 million won, or $173,388 USD.

Unfortunately, the concert never occurred and the agency was scammed out of thousands of dollars.

After a four day stakeout, Mr. Jung was finally arrested at his residence in Nonhyun-dong, Seoul. Mr. Jung is known to have affiliation with gangs.

A police official said, “We have temporarily released him because there needs to be further investigations in the transaction related part of this case. We plan to prove his guilt in further investigations.””

Source: No Cut News