Police Assault And Arrest Victim Of Group Attack At Seungri’s Club In Gangnam

The man was beaten multiple times that day.

Last month, a man uploaded a post on an online community that told the story about how he became a victim at a club in Gangnam.

The event took place at Seungri‘s Club Burning Sun and therefore, earned the name “Burning Sun assault case.” According to the man, Mr. A, a woman who was being sexually assaulted held onto his shoulder and hid behind him. He asked the security guards for help but the guards, who seemed to be friends with the men, attacked him instead.


In a CCTV footage, the guards can be seen dragging Mr. A out of the club and bringing him to the ground. Then, one of the club employees grabbed Mr. A’s head from the floor and punched his face. The employee then dragged him to the street, brought him to the floor again and began assaulting him with his fist.

The man assaulting Mr. A was revealed to be the club’s director, Mr. Jang. When Mr. Jang tripped over Mr. A’s hand, he took off his jacket and began assaulting him indiscriminately. The club’s security guards held Mr. Kim down and helped Mr. Jang beat him down.


In an interview, Mr. Kim stated that he was humiliated as everyone was watching the group of men from the club beat him up.

One man took the lead in assaulting me and the guards helped him. It was humiliating. I remember everyone was watching.

ㅡ Mr. Kim


After Mr. Jang and the security guards went back into the club, Mr. Kim called the police and reported the situation. 10 minutes later, the police arrived and had a discussion with the club employee. Then, the police arrested Mr. Kim without looking for Mr. Jang in the club and without confirming any facts through the CCTV footage. Moreover, in the police reports, Mr. Kim was indicated as the assailant and Mr. Jang the victim.

The police stated that the club accused Mr. Kim of sexual assault and the police arrested Mr. Kim on charges of obstruction of business.


Meanwhile, Mr. Kim has further argued that he was not only wrongly arrested, but that he was assaulted by the police as well. He claimed that more than 5 police stomped on him with their feet and smacked his head on the floor. Moreover, when the ambulance arrived, the police stopped him from being looked at due to investigations.

He uploaded images of his injuries as evidence in his post.

More recently, it has been revealed that the police had also dragged Mr. Kim’s mother out of the police station when she tried to film the police assaulting Mr. Kim.

After seeing the 6 policemen grab my hair and hit it on the floor, my mother was trying to film the situation with her phone. Then, the police dragged her out of the police station and locked the doors.

ㅡ Mr. Kim


In the released CCTV footage, the police surrounded Mr. Kim at the police station. A middle-aged woman was being dragged out by her arms as she struggled to release herself. Eventually, she disappeared from the screen.


Mr. Kim has accused the police of allegations of duties and negligence and the police has also accused Mr. Kim of allegations of distribution of false information.

Burning Sun Scandal