Gangnam Forest Named After Roy Kim Is Under Fire From Residents In Light Of His Recent Allegations

They are uncomfortable with the name.

Roy Kim is currently being investigated for sharing illegal videos of women in compromising situations just like Seungri and Jung Joon Young. This has prompted locals to complain about the forest in Gangnam named after the singer.

Roy Kim and his fandom, Royrose, have been involved in improving Gangnam for several years. Royrose helped to create the Myunghwa Children’s Library at the Suseo Myunghwa Social Welfare Centre in Suseo, Gangnam through donations. Roy Kim has also been named an ambassador for certain local charities.

The forest was named after Roy Kim in 2013 after he won ‘Superstar K’ and released his first album. It is full of cherry trees and contains a plaque with his name on it. Locals are becoming uncomfortable with the situation and several believe authorities should change the name.

One source told News1 that they are in internal discussions about how to deal with the situation and are collecting opinions from those who donated to help create the forest.

The city of Seoul has said they don’t use the name in any official capacity so they won’t be getting involved in the situation.

Source: Naver