(★BREAKING) Gaon Chart Reveals The First Artists To Receive Their New Certifications

These artists are the first to be certified in Gaon Chart’s brand new system.

The Korea Music Content Industry Association (KMCA) announced recently that they would be introducing a new certification system for songs and albums released after January 1, 2018. Gaon Chart just revealed the first albums to receive their new certifications!


1. “Eyes On You” — GOT7

The 8th mini album released by GOT7 earned Certified Platinum, meaning they sold 250,000 copies of their latest release! GOT7 sold 300,451 copies of “Eyes On You” in March alone, with another 29,024 copies in April for a total of 329,475.


2. “Empathy” — NCT

The first full-length album from NCT hit the 250,000 copy mark and is now Certified Platinum as well. “Empathy” sold 230,540 copies in March and 73,730 in April, easily surpassing the requirement with 304,270 copies sold.


3. “0+1=1 (I Promise You)” — Wanna One

The Wanna One boys released their second mini-album “0+1=1 (I Promise You)” in March 2018 and it is now Certified Triple Platinum! This release sold already sold 829,275 copies, meaning it could go Million sometime this year!


Congratulations to the groups on this wonderful achievement!

Source: Gaon Chart