“Garo Sero Institute” Hosts Force A Standoff With 20 Police Officers After Refusing Arrest

They did not cooperate with the arrest warrant.

It’s been reported that the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul notified Kang Yong SukKim Se Ui, and Kim Yong Ho in an effort to arrest the three hosts of Garo Sero Institute, but were instead met with a standoff situation.

“Garo Sero Institute” hosts Kim Yong Ho (left), Kang Yong Suk (middle) and Kim Se Ui (right) | YouTube

According to reports, 20 police officers showed up to arrest Kang Yong Suk and Kim Se Ui, which they reportedly refused by locking the door to their Garo Sero Institute office. According to SBS News, their arrest refusal led to a standoff between the authorities and the hosts. After a prolonged confrontation and continuous refusal from Kang Yong Suk and Kim Se Ui, the Gangnam Police forcefully broke down the door to arrest the two hosts.

It was further reported that in regards to the third host Kim Yong Ho, he was promptly arrested by the police in front of his residence on the same day.

Kim Yong Ho | YouTube

The three Garo Sero Institute hosts have been arrested on 10 different charges of cyber defamation. While they were summoned numerous times by different victims, they have allegedly refused each request. Due to their lack of response, an investigation was formally launched leading to the execution of their arrest warrants.

| @GaroSeroInstitute/YouTube

Garo Sero Institute has previously created numerous controversies due to their shocking news reports pertaining to different celebrities. The YouTube channel has been responsible for making dozens of unverified accusations, including Han Ye Seul‘s boyfriend’s male escort past. This led to a downward spiral of allegations against the actress, as they continued to make unproven accusations about Han Ye Seul, such as her alleged prostitute past and more.

Recently, Kim Yong Ho announced his official retirement from the channel, all while calling himself a “monster” in a tear-filled video.

Source: Chosun and SBS News